Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sherri Papini Shit Show

I am obsessed with this story that's unravelling right now.

Here is what got me started: 20/20 Sherri Papini's Alleged Abduction

I don't even know why I'm making this post on my blog. I guess no one reads this anyways, so they won't think I'm weird. Only place I could think of to collect links, info, and my thoughts.

The huge mess of a post that is shown briefly on 20/20:  MMW: Sherri Papini is lying about her abduction just like she did in 2006

The newer sub /r/Sherri_Papini/

I don't even know where to start!

EDIT 12/21: I AM STILL FOLLOWING THIS STORY, and I still don't know wtf to think.

The ABC reporter said on Twitter that Keith did try to call and text her before using the find my iPhone app. That is a big difference from the story presented in the 20/20 interview... did they leave it out on purpose? Hard to believe they didn't realize that made KP look crazy stalkerish/untrusting of his wife.

I do not believe the SP abduction story AT ALL! I'm leaning towards she did it for attention. I don't think Keith ever really thought she was 'taken'. He did know she was alive somewhere, pulling some sort of stunt. Putting out there that she was taken was him giving her an out??

One thing I'm stuck on right now is all of this anonymous donor bs! Who is the anonymous donor? Who is he/she known to?

This reddit post got me thinking.

KRCR wrote on November 17th, the same day the Anonymous Donor posted their letter on the domain and Cameron Gamble read the letter online, that "KRCR first received this letter in an email from, sent on November 6."
In the letter posted online, the Donor refers to the middleman being a "hired negotiator (who) has negotiated releases all over the world."
Alas, according to Cameron Gamble, Lisa Jeter, and others, Cameron Gamble wasn't involved until much later (not until 11/14 or after Keith Papini agreed to talk with the Anonymous Donor).
Am I missing something here? Or is this a major hole in the Cameron Gamble and Lisa Jeter's given timelines?

I'm going to try and put together some sort of timeline.

11/2 - SP goes missing
11/4 - gofundme started.
11/5 - findsherri twitter started.
11/6 - AD sends letter to KRCR from
11/17 - AD posts letter to, CG reads letter.

Lisa Jeter was contacted personally by AD.
LJ claims that she introduced AD to CG & KP.
LJ claims that AD wanted to set up a FB page, website, and videos.

So, who set up the website and when? When did CG actually get involved? He claims not until the 14th. Unless the 1st letter sent to KRCR was drastically different, CG was already involved by the 6th. CG said he bought the burner phone himself (at the same time donating his $1 fee to St. Jude), so unless the 1st letter was different, CG is LYING about 'not even being around when Sherri first went missing'. Lisa also gives the AD credit for coming up with the idea of making videos. So again WHO THE FUCK IS THE AD? Sounds like CG was nothing but a public face for the hidden AD. I want to know who set up the e-mail The AD? CG? Why doesn't Lisa have to say who the AD is!?!? Was there ever an AD to begin with?

When we spoke with Sherri Papini's husband, Keith Papini, he was insistent that this letter is true and says he has spoken with the anonymous source's spokesperson, Cameron Gamble.

Wait! Lisa said she introduced the AD to CG only after KP had told her 'he would try anything'. Why isn't Lisa speaking with KP on behalf of AD? Lisa said SHE was the one contacted personally by the AD, so why wouldn't Keith be speaking with her about the AD? Lisa is a close friend of the family, CG was unknown to LJ or KP prior to this all happening. Lisa also says CG was never in charge, that everything was a calculated and collective effort. So why the fuck is CG even involved?? It's like he's just the face, and the gullible fuck up fall guy.

What a never ending circle jerk of bullshit!!!!! 

Original post:

Well, assuming anyone who stumbles across this post is as obsessed with all the details as I am, I'll just get right to what I currently think happened.

1st suspicious thing is her husband Keith Papini's behavior from the jump. Upon coming home and noticing that his wife was not home with the kids, he immediately uses the track my iPhone app to locate her phone. Umm what? He didn't call, he didn't try texting, he tracked her. The ONLY way this makes sense to me is that he was already suspicious of her activities, and was SUPER comfortable going right to his trusty app for the info instead of Sherri herself. Next he goes and tracks down her phone, finds it placed neatly on the side of the road, directly by their mailboxes. Then he photographs her phone before touching it!! Why would he do that!? He already knew something hinky was going on? Did he right away suspect his wife might be up to something crazy? For some reason he's already sheltering himself from suspicion before he even knows what's going on.. As of right now, all he knows is his wife, who should be with his kids, is not home. Her car is home. So... you would think a reasonable assumption would be that they walked together to check the mail? It wouldn't be hard to imagine dropping your phone, and not noticing that you did so, when you're also keeping an eye on toddlers. I mean I don't know what the fuck he was thinking, but it seems like there are a million things I would think of before I came to the conclusion, or mindset of something really fucked up happened, I better snap a pic of her phone first.

Next thing he does is call the daycare, and asks what time Sherri picked up the kids. He was told they were still there. So he then calls his mother to see if she had talked to her that day, she hadn't. He sends his mother to pick up his kids. (I also think they stayed with her while their mom was 'gone'.) I suspect that was his sole reason for calling his mom, not to see if she'd talked to her. I suspect the convo went something more like 'idk what the heck Sherri is up to now mom, but she left the kids at daycare! Can you go pick them up while I get to the bottom of this?'

Then he called the police and reported her missing, showed them the phone, pics of the phone, idk. I need to look into this part more. How much time went by before he called the police? Was it like his next call!? Everything he did was so odd to me. I know I read somewhere that there was nothing about Keith reporting her missing in the police log for that day, Nov 2nd. So do we know for sure? So did he call saying I found my wife's phone, and they were like blah, blah, blah she's an adult, we have no evidence anything bad happened, give it some time. Probably assuming she just left him. So he's like but look at these photos of her phone, WITH HAIR! You have to find her, she was TAKEN!

Did he think she was cheating too!? Isn't that why he tracked her iPhone in the first place? Is he now furious that she left it by the side of the road, right near their mailboxes, where he would surely find it! Makes more sense to me that she left it there. Clearly someone left it there neatly.

Nothing at all makes sense about her kidnapping story, NOTHING! Not that they randomly picked her up right next to her own mailboxes, that were a mile or so per Keith away from their house, and it ended up placed so neatly.

So let's assume for a minute that Sherri left it there. She knew he would track her, he obviously does it often, and is comfortable doing it. Keith finds it, and thinks, ya ok. Calls the cops, and tries to get convince them SHE HAS BEEN TAKEN! No other explanation will do, he doesn't want to hear it!! TAKEN!

And so starts the 'global search' for his wife led by friend, and social media marketer, Lisa Jeter. Lisa was more than happy to help get her name/business out there, I mean Sherri's face out there, I mean Sherri and Keith's faces out there. Remember how ALL of the pics were the photoshopped ones of them together, looking perfect. He put out those pics right? Literally the theme of this whole thing was beautiful perfect couple, SUPERMOM! To remind Sherri of how good she had it, and that she's a mother! To get her to come back!!!!

Cameron Gamble & Lisa Jeter, and their involvement, did blow this thing WAY up. But in a bad way, not in the social media saves the day way. Like an everyone smells something fishy now way.
They both were using this as a way to promote personal businesses, and they both are now taking credit for her return! Give me a fucking break! Is everyone in this story a fucking narcissist?

I absolutely cannot stand that these two are both taking credit now!

I don't think Lisa and Gamble are in on some giant conspiracy with Sherri. Otherwise she would have had a better kidnapping story, you know one that made sense. I think Keith pulled them both into this ridiculous story to help his cause. Keith went along, or planned depending on who you believe, this ransom nonsense for 2 possible reasons. He thought either Sherri was with someone who might take money over being with Sherri, or that Sherri herself would be lured back by cold hard cash.

Or that he just simply enjoyed his part in this bizarre movie plot.

I don't think Keith ever believed she was taken. He thought she was out there somewhere alive.

Sherri has issues with Latinas. Link

Sherri made up the kidnaping story. Only Sherri in my opinion would come up with such a story. It's so much like her made up skinheadz post, that of course she wrote! When people who knew better discovered it, she had to lie. To cover her lies in the post. You see a pattern here? Lies, lies, lies!! Yes, I think she did all of that stuff to herself. She knew she'd have to do something extreme for Keith & the world to believe her ridiculous story. She's now in hiding. Avoiding all questions, because she has no answers to them. How can she not know why they did this to her? Not a fucking clue Sherri? Never in the 22 days of beatings, and torture did you yell out 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?' The kidnap story is absolute bullshit!



Gamble the fraud who loves to collect donations, and discuss his hard times, while simultaneously being an international man of mystery!

Project TAKEN on fb

FB message sent to me by Bethel member Kymberly Vollmers aka 'CEO/Entrepreneur/Life Coach at Kymberly Vollmers and fun maker, confidence builder, trust teacher, unconditional love giver, chef, snuggler at Vespers's World'

Sounds legit.

Daily Beast throwing shade.

Speaking to Redding community. Soaking up all the applause for himself and Lisa Jeter.
Also setting it up to do this AGAIN in the future!!

2007 Tornado Ministry


Cameron Gamble is to Bethel, as Tom Cruise is to Scientology. GET EM IN THE DOOR!
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