Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tribal Kaleidoscopes Quilt

Oh my goodness, it's finally finished! These are after the wash, and it has such a lovely crinkle. That's my favorite part, pulling it out of the dryer, and admiring all of the lovely crinkles!
I ended up quilting it in the ditch along all of the seams, and then added another set of crisscrosses to even it out. I love the pattern it created on the back too!

I made my own binding, and tried a couple decorative stitches.. lots of seam ripping!! They looked nice on the front, but I found it to difficult to get through all of the layers and still look good on the back. So I used a straight stitch, and it still looks great!
I want to keep this for Ava, but Greg says she has enough quilts already.. Boo! I'll probably end up selling it on etsy.

This might just be my favorite quilt so far!

The back is plain white, I like how it highlights the quilting stitches.

I'll update this post with a sale link later.

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