Friday, April 24, 2015

Vintage Dress Pattern - Gray Floral Dress

I have collected a few vintage sewing patterns. I came across this one, and wanted to attempt the dress for Ava. I traced the bodice pieces onto a thick file folder.
For the skirt, I used what was left of the fabric, and added small pleats evenly all the way around. I chose to line the bodice rather than try to hem around the curves of the neckline and armholes. It was pretty much just like making a Blythe dress, only this had darts in the back. Piece of cake. 

Sadly it came out much bigger than expected. I'll save it for a year or two. The back overlapped maybe a bit too much as well. Not bad overall for my first baby girl dress. I sense many more in my future!! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fabric Mail

Got some new fabrics from Modern Love Fabrics on etsy.
The owner is lovely, as well as the fabric, and packaging.

These are my lovely choices. 3 from Tula Pink's new Elizabeth collection, and 4 from Cotton + Steel. The Mustang fabric on the far left is linen canvas, I've already started a dress bodice with it for Ava.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tribal Kaleidoscopes Quilt

Oh my goodness, it's finally finished! These are after the wash, and it has such a lovely crinkle. That's my favorite part, pulling it out of the dryer, and admiring all of the lovely crinkles!
I ended up quilting it in the ditch along all of the seams, and then added another set of crisscrosses to even it out. I love the pattern it created on the back too!

I made my own binding, and tried a couple decorative stitches.. lots of seam ripping!! They looked nice on the front, but I found it to difficult to get through all of the layers and still look good on the back. So I used a straight stitch, and it still looks great!
I want to keep this for Ava, but Greg says she has enough quilts already.. Boo! I'll probably end up selling it on etsy.

This might just be my favorite quilt so far!

The back is plain white, I like how it highlights the quilting stitches.

I'll update this post with a sale link later.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How To Reuse Left Over Quilt Batting

Both of these projects use left over polyester batting. The first is for your bigger pieces.

1. Fusible interfacing for bags, pouches, and other projects.

I use quilt batting in all of my regular zipper pouches to make them more sturdy. First cut a piece the same size as your fabric piece. Place it under your fabric with the right side facing up. Starting in the middle, press down, and slowly move to each side. The batting will become thinner and sturdier the more you press it. If it starts to stick out from under the edge of your fabric, don't worry, you'll trim it down after you press. When you're finished pressing, the batting should be stuck to the backside of your fabric! Sew it as you normally would.



2. Stuffing

The smaller scraps of batting can be pulled apart and used as stuffing. Just keep tearing the layers into smaller and smaller pieces until it is similar to polyfil. You can use it to stuff toys, pincushions, whatever!

Tribal Kaleidoscopes Quilt Top

Been working on this one for a few weeks! I love the way the diagonal stripes on the fabric made the finished diamonds look like kaleidoscopes.
I plan on binding it in the same tribal striped fabric. Still unsure about the backing? Maybe just plain white?? I have a few solids that match, and plenty of this fabric left over.

I think I'm done with half square triangles for awhile!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Applesauce the Bear

Made from the Dolls and Daydreams bear pattern at 50%.
I made this for my little one while she was still in my tummy. Forgot about it until I came across it today in my craft room! I did not stuff the limbs for this little guy.

Gave it to her today, and she was very happy. We named him Applesauce.

She loves Applesauce.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Birthday Bunny for Clara

Ava and I were invited to Clara's 2nd Birthday Party. The party was the day before Easter, so I thought a bunny was very appropriate.
I used the bear pattern from Dolls and Daydreams, and modified it a bit. The white is canvas, which made it ridiculously hard to invert the limbs, never again!!

I used silky vintage embroidery floss on the face. 

Turned out very cute I think!