Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Zebra Baby Booties

I have a digital subscription to Love Patchwork and Quilting. I absolutely love the magazine! It's made in England, by the same folks who publish Mollie Makes - another favorite! This is the first project I think I've made from the magazine.
It's in Issue 7, and in the magazine the front piece of the bootie is actually pieced together in a tiny log cabin pattern. I chose to use a solid piece of fabric, because who needs the aggrevation.. right!?

I used fabric left over from Ava's Zebra Quilt. Zebra print for the outside sole, and outer heel. The zebra head print for the front piece, and hot pink lining for the heel and front.
 I used faux fur for the inside sole. Speaking of sole, what a time I had figuring out how to sew the pieces together in the end between the two soles. I kept getting them switched around!!

Here they are modeled by my babes precious little chubby legs. She actually kept them on for about an hour, must be some kind of record!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ava's Blankie

Finally finished her blankie! I have been working on it tiny bits here and there for months! Yesterday I decided I was going to finish it. My neck is really upset with me, but it was worth it..
Just look at her face when I finally gave it to her! She's been watching me, and seems fascinated by either the yarn or the crocheting. She loves, loves, loves sticking her tiny toes through the holes. She is just the sweetest thing ever!
 Pattern and yarn info blogged here.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Zebra Quilt

This is the first thing I ever made for my daughter. We decided to wait until she was born to find out she was a girl, so it needed to be gender neutral. I had these zebra prints for awhile, and since there were two colorways, I thought it would work great!
These are just 4 inch squares, sewn together in rows. The white was actually a sheet.

Store bought bias tape I had lying around, perfect match to the lime green. Wish I had made my own bias tape with the zebra prints looking back.

I outline quilted around all of the seams.

Back is just plain white. Baby sized. :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Jelly Roll Quilt

I believe this is the second quilt I ever made. The first being my Quilt for Issabella. In an effort to catalog them all in one place, I'll be posting some early quilts here.
Ava is using this now. My seam allowances were so small, I'm surprised it's held together so well.

As you can see, I just sewed the strips together.. how boring right!?

Store bought bias tape, pinched around the edge, and crudely sewn on. :(
This plain white back has been used as a baby photo backdrop many times!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fabric Mail

Look what I got from fat quarter shop!
Fat quarter bundles of course! Arizona, Airmail, and 8 Days a Week.
I want to use the Arizona for a quilt for my dad, and maybe my brother Austin too if there's enough to go around. They are both living in Arizona at the moment. Austin is going to Arizona State, and my dad is just there following him around lol!! He says it's for the weather, but I'm on to him! :)
This was my first time purchasing from fat quarter shop, and enjoyed the experience.
Still sad to see Pink Chalk go.

Quilt For Cash

The title of this post is a little deceiving. I have a nephew whose name is Cassius, and he likes to go by Cash. I've had this flannel fabric since he was still in the womb.. he's now 3 years old! Better late than never I guess. I don't know if I like working with flannel. It got so fuzzy after one washing!!
For the front of the quilt I had cut squares from each of the blue fabrics, then cut each of those in half, and pieced them together. It seemed like much work for little payoff, so I added the white panels to save myself and give it more interest.
For the quilting I outlined each of the half squares, and then did straight lines over the circle panels on top and bottom. I love straight line quilting, I just really enjoy the process, and find it very relaxing. The little one also seems to enjoy the wurrr of my machine.

For the back I pieced together 3 of the extra blue fabrics. I kept the top and bottom circles, thinking it would make a nice contrast with the straight quilting lines. For the binding I knew I wanted to cut my own. I chose the stripey patterns after seeing a few striped bindings online, and love the look.
Hopefully he'll love it! Maybe I should add a personal quilt tag?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Matryoshka Chevron Baby Quilt

Seems like this quilt took forever.. The fabric is from a fat quarter bundle I bought at Hobby Lobby so long ago. Finally found the perfect use for it. The white is I believe bleached muslin, purchased from a remnants bin. When I first started sewing, I always bought from the remnants bin, or pre-cut packs. Anxiety and yardage ignorance kept me from approaching the cutting counter.

For the back I fussy cut the fabric to get the big doll right in the center. Then I used iron on transfer paper to place my shop name on her tummy. Hopefully it will hold up over time.

This will be my last time using store bought binding.. well, I shouldn't say last. I do have a small stash of it I will probably use up sometime. I just don't like the look or feel of it, seems cheap, generic. Using a coordinating fabric and cutting my own is so much more appealing to me. I just have to learn to sew it on the right way. I have been just pinching the bias tape around the edge of my quilts and sewing down it, hoping to catch both sides with my stitches!! What a rookie!